ObBloodOath post: entering Buffoon Central

“I am giving you the most definite commitment any politician can give that this tax will go. This is a pledge in blood.”

After Tony Abbott’s blood pledge/oath/vow response to the passing of the carbon price bill in Parliament yesterday, it seems that any minute now he’ll nudge over the line into full-blown WHARRGARBL* territory as all his patronisingly scare-mongering soundlines merge together into a wail of anguish that can only be translated as SoNotFairThatMeNotPrimeMinisterWantWantWant

Tony Abbott lies unconscious after writing a grandiose pledge in his own blood; Julie Bishop is preparing to insert a transfusion line; Joe Hockey (with Shrek ears) is reading the note and speaking.

Image Credit: Pat Campbell (Canberra Times)

Well, at least he passed out before he signed it...

In other media spin, the gleeful pounce upon a Parliamentary peck on the cheek seems just a tad overdone, don’t you think? Seeing as how Gillard had already bestowed cheek-pecks on the rest of the front bench plus Independent Tony Windsor after the bill passed the vote of the Lower House, imagine the headlines if she hadn’t done the same for Rudd?

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said the nation had been betrayed “with a kiss”.

“Today this parliament has witnessed the unseemly spectacle of a government cheering itself for breaking its own election promise,” Mr Abbott said.

“This prime minister shouldn’t just say sorry. She should resign.”

Apparently the front bench of the Opposition almost broke into a K-I-S-S-I-N-G chant when it happened. The same article gives a succinct description of the regular Abbott-bullyboy routine, after describing how some spectators in the gallery disrupted proceedings by chanting anti-carbon-tax slogans:

This disruption almost got in the way of the Opposition leader Tony Abbott’s own disruption, which happened in its usual just-pre-3pm timeslot, the appointed hour at which Abbott generally rises to move that standing orders be suspended so he can censure the Prime Minister.

What a guy. WHARRGARBL.

*(oh, if only I had the time to do a photoshlock of horror spray of blood Abbott WHARRGARBL image – if anybody else has time, I’d love to see it!)

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6 replies

  1. Kudelka’s take:

    Abbott: Could I pledge to destroy the carbon tax in bile instead? I’ve got plenty of that …
    Bishop: Just prick your finger you big sook.

    Hm. Toxic masculinity policing, anybody?

  2. Looks like I’m only amusing myself on this thread, but apparently quite a few bright sparks thought of this roughly simultaneously yesterday, and I really wish I’d thought of it independently – is Abbott now going to have gore and non-gore promises?

  3. We’ll know if he means it, because it will be type B neg. If it’s B pos, it’s not his style, and O neg is universal donor, so now I’m just being silly.

  4. You’re amusing me too 🙂

  5. I’m hoping he won’t have to make gore promises because he will be gorn.I can live in hope.

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