Thursday [Evening] Cheezburger – Babies

Yeah I just remembered it was Thursday, or at least still Thursday for another hour and a half. This evening’s Cheezburger is dedicated to the new bump that will hopefully become a new niece or nephew early next year and the onset of curiosity from my 8 yr old about how babies were made.

funny pictures - that's how babies are made?!
that’s how babies are made?!
image description: black cat with eyes wide and ears flattened back against its head, looking horrified.

funny pictures of cats with captions
wutebber u do, don’t pull the plug agin
image description: black cat leaning with front paws across the middle of a sleeping baby. Baby has a large dummy/pacifier in its mouth. Caption in white speech bubble.

Post your favourite babies themed pictures here.

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3 replies

  1. Congrats on the family addition! Heartwarming yada yada possibly ever so slightly glad it isn’t you this time around? But yay for the delights of babies.

    Baby Belugas!

  2. A photo of mine from a few years ago – cygnets riding on a parent’s back:

  3. Naww, that’s definitely the unicorn chaser I need after that last post. I offer a baby meerkat! (especially the last few)

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