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In case you don’t follow me on twitter (why ever not?) and haven’t already seen me tweet this link from reddit

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My 5yo daughter wanted to be a Princess Darth Vader for Halloween. So proud.

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And you also need to know about this fabulousness, the tumblr – Superheroes are for girls, too. (Yay! Cos I have a little girl of my own who likes superheroes).

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  1. Yes!! This is awesome!

    (And I was and still am a massive Batman/woman/girl fan when I was about that big!)

  2. Thanks for posting this – I almost put up a link when I came across it yesterday. Utterly adorable.

  3. Reminded me of this delicious example of a parent allowing a little girl to indulge her love of girly things and ‘boy’ things …

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