Thursday Cheezburger – Celebrate

Today’s theme is Celebrate. The Carbon Tax has been passed. There is hope.

funny pictures - Oh, YES! Now we're talking!
Oh, YES! Now we are talking!
Image description: fluffy white cat with black tail, and black markings on its back and face, walking up an elaborate white marble staircase with a red carpet runner up the middle. In the background marble statues and gold relief carvings.

funny pictures - Ooooooo!!!!!!
Image description: small rodent? marsupial? with it’s mouth open staring off to the left hand side, lit from underneath by a dim red light

Post your favourite Celebrate themed pictures here.

Please post a link to a FULL webpage, rather than a direct link to an image only – that is, no URLs with .jpg, .png, .gif (etc) on the end. This makes our admin image magic quicker and easier. Just copy and paste what’s in your URL bar, and we’ll go fetch the embed code. **If you post the embed code, it will be automatically stripped out.** Thanks!

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3 replies

  1. I Danss cuz I happy
    Image Description: a cat balanced on two legs on top of a dining table in what looks like a dancing pose

    Image Description: a metal chair with a gap in the back shaped like a laughing mouth with two conveniently placed rivets above it to make it look like a face

  2. JOY
    Image Description: an elephant sits on its haunches under a large fall of water with trunk upraised and mouth wide open

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