Meme of the day: tealdeer

Animated gif of a running deer.  The deer's colour is teal.

Teal Deer

Used instead of tl;dr

Love it. Apparently it’s been around for quite a while, which is why the animated gif exists, but I only read it for the first time today.

Anybody come across any other new (to you) memes/neologisms lately?

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  1. Ahaha that’s kind of perfect.

  2. I’ve been familiar with teal dear for a while, but it’s still charming, and I expect we’ll have cyan antelopes and turquoise ibexes shortly, along the lines of “conga rats”.
    I’m relatively new to the Nyan Cat and am still trying to make sense of it. Possibly this is too advanced for me as a beginner.

  3. I’ve seen the teal deer a bit too. Looking now, Google Images gives some cute variants, including stuffed teal deer toys. Someone on etsy makes alots too, wouldn’t that be a cute gift for your local ‘net user?

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