Quick Hit: Angry = Awesome

Yesterday there was some great angry writing from feminists. Chally in Global Comment on why the media is wrong about Peaches Geldof and Kath in the Courier Mail on living life as a loud and proud fat woman. This post from Aaminah Khan is a few months old now but still relevant as ever.  h/t to @theriverfed on Twitter for the link.

I particularly enjoy and admire writers who can write well while angry.

ETA: link fixed, thanks TT and quixote

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  1. Your link for Kath in the Courier Mail points to Chally’s Global Mail article instead 😦

  2. Is my female privilege showing? Trigger warning for discussion of rape and violence against women.

  3. More (arguably) angry posts:
    Some guy wrote a post at the Guardian saying (apparently) that True Feminism means people (=men) should be able to hit on anyone they feel like with no criticism, which I heard about because two bloggers I follow wrote rebuttals:
    Dianna Anderson and Ophelia Benson
    And Miri, of “Brute Reason”, wrote a takedown of Yet Another Post decrying “female privilege”.

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