Thursday Cheezburger – Kthanxbai

Dear Thursday Cheezburger,

We’ve been together for a while now and I’m just going to come out and say it – the magic is gone. Early on when it was new and fun and Cheezburger was The Meme on the Internet it was different. But now there is just so much happening and well it’s just not happening for us anymore. Maybe it’s not you, it’s me. Whatever, what I’m saying is that we are going to start seeing new memes. Sure we’ll drop by, say hi and if you are doing something cool then we’ll put you up here. But it won’t be every week. Sorry, but time has come to say kthanxbai.

funny pictures - shut the door please.
Oh, Hai, we aren’t finished in here yet. Could you shut the door please? From the other side, KTHANXBAI
Image description: Fluffy black and white cat and a ginger and white cat surrounded by shredded toilet paper in a bathroom.

This is an open Cheezburger thread. Do we go out with a whimper or a bang? You decide.

Please post a link to a FULL webpage, rather than a direct link to an image only – that is, no URLs with .jpg, .png, .gif (etc) on the end. This makes our admin image magic quicker and easier. Just copy and paste what’s in your URL bar, and we’ll go fetch the embed code. **If you post the embed code, it will be automatically stripped out.** Thanks!

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6 replies

  1. Did you just hear a loud crash in the kitchen? Because I didn’t. KTHXBAI

    So Long and Thanks fore All teh Noms

  2. … kthxbai…

    Back to my galaxy

    Yu miss meh yet?

  3. Yes, gingeh kitteh, I miss you yet.

  4. leaving without me?

    goodbye cruel world


  5. I wish I could find a Cheez pic encapsulating the spirit of today’s shenanigans in Parliament for the final sitting session in the House of Reps for 2011. So much skullduggery!

  6. A first effort: LOLSpeaker

    Surprise!! I’ve had enuff
    [just one last bang of the gavel]

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