Am I the punchline?

I admit to finding this blog parody, Seriously So Blessed quite funny but also rather mean-spirited, because poking fun at mummy blogs? Well, it’s a pretty soft target. Here’s how the joke goes – we’re self-absorbed, shallow, smug, boring, competitive, stupid and gratingly girly.. Okaaaaaay, but we’re also women writing about women’s lives and when has that kind of writing not been made fun of, when has it not been denigrated as trivial? And for the record, you can sound pretty obsessed talking about your job, too.

Here’s another example… a supposedly more equal opportunity joke tumblr called STFU, Parents, with the motto “You used to be fun. Now you have a baby.” Except that most of these people sound so boring and sanctimonious that I doubt they were ever fun.

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  1. We know from past centuries that when women don’t write about their lives, then women’s history is erased – a clear example of “cite or it didn’t happen”. There are volumes and volumes, for century after century, of men’s diaries, memoirs and philosophising/polemicising which tells us how different men lived their lives and pursued their personal and their public endeavours.
    But somehow when women diarise/philosophise/polemicise, we’re “self-obsessed”.

  2. Courtesy of the NY Times: In Film, So Many Men on the Verge of a Crisis

    Many of the films that have begun to rack up statuettes and nominations on the path to the Oscars deal with the existential crises of men.

    Unfortunately, the article doesn’t take a critical look at the matter of men’s stories being “universal” but women’s stories being “about women.” It does mention a couple of recent woman-centric movies that drew both awards and good reviews. I’m not sure all of them are movies that we should rush to embrace, though. (Blind Side? The Help? Um…)

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