Quicklink: China and fashion spending

Chinese men spend more on clothing than women. More than twice as much ($1.1 billion to $439 million).

Mogulite’s post doesn’t mention the male:female gender imbalance (up to 120:100 by some reports) in China as a contributing factor at all, but despite its great distortion of the Chinese social landscape, the gender disparity doesn’t account for that enormous difference in spending.

Men taking fashion very very seriously: it happens time and time again. Fashion is a consumerist phenomenon predicated on status display, and status display is a behaviour that cuts across gender lines; outside the Anglosphere most cultures don’t have such an expectation that only women like to shop for shoes.

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  1. Economist brain says Supply, Demand, Marketing, Packaging, Investment, Profit!
    Early morning coffee brain says “Be careful typing investment on a qwerty keyboard with the C key next to the V key.”
    (Edited for early morning coffee brain, despite protest by juvenile giggling idiot brain)

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