The Australian Women Writers Challenge

Logo of a silhouette of a steampunkily-dressed woman in a hat carrying an umbrella. In white text on the silhouette is '2012 Australian Women Writers Challenge'.After hearing about it on Galactic Suburbia, I’m joining the Australian Women Writers Challenge next year!

In 2012 I pledge to read… oh, what the heck, I’ll go for the biggie, the Franklin-fantastic: Ten books by Australian women writers, and I’ll review four (though I don’t guarantee big detailed reviews; I’m not the best reviewer on the block).

I plan to read in more than one genre, so that makes me an aspiring Franklin-fantastic Dabbler. I’m going to add a little extra to this challenge, and say that of my ten books, at least two will be by Aboriginal women. I expect to read mostly in YA and speculative fiction, though I’m also going to try to read at least a couple of books outside of these genres.

For YA, I might mine the Inky Awards back catalogue; for SF, I might start with reviews on Galactic Suburbia and Tansy Rayner Roberts’ list. Or maybe with my to-be-read-bookcase: I have a fair few already on there that qualify: a couple of Twelve Planets, Glitter Rose, some Margo Lanagan, Angela Slatter, and Penni Russon. (I wonder what the status is of anthologies that have a large proportion of Australian women writers?)

The Challenge is open to all readers, not just Australians. Will you join in?

Signup page for the Challenge

The Goodreads group for the Challenge

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  1. I am definitely signing on to this challenge. I too hope to be a Franklin-Fantastic Dabbler! This looks like fun 🙂

  2. Looking forward to this, I like having guides for finding authors new to me. Great idea.

  3. I am going to sign up as a Franklin-Fantastic Devoted Eclectic – when I get some time with my computer over the next few days. I may as well sign up for Goodreads while I’m at it.
    But damn! This means a good half of the books I’ve bought over the past 2 days will need to be set aside until 1 Jan so I can count them for the challenge!

  4. I don’t have a blog appropriate for reviewing but I will be doing the challenge. I read 18 books by Australian Women Writers in 2011 and I hope to better than in 2012. I set myself a 100 book challenge each year and have reached my goal the last 4 years. I read 137 books last year.

  5. Bugger, wish I’d read this earlier (no excuse really). I read ‘Geography’ and ‘Bird’ by Sophie Cunningham (@sophiec on twitter) late last year. If I’d held off I could have counted them. I’d recommend them both, although I enjoyed Geography more but YMMV.
    There are a couple of Penni Russons at my local library…

  6. I might just take you up on that tigtog! I will be in touch when I have read something for the list.


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