Very, very tired

I have government agencies wanting me to submit all sorts of paperwork so that my son can get funding he’s entitled to, I have government departments who owe me money wanting me to submit even more paperwork to prove it, there’s a job opened up that I have to demonstrate l33t web and social media skillz for in order to have a chance of getting it, and I’m anaemic again.

So tired. Hey, you know who else is “so tired” of people bringing up the documented fact that he beat a woman so hard that the photos of her injuries shocked the world? Chris Brown, that’s who.

So, please consider this the Chris Brown post I’ve been meaning to write for the last few days (ever since I read this one). This is what he tweeted today (still V-Day in his time zone) with stunningly miscalibrated self-awareness:

“HAPPY VALENTINES DAY ladies…Let today be about u!!! Love you.”

(after a few earlier angry posturing tweets (since deleted) that seemed to be responding to the #fuckoffchrisbrown hashtag that was trending during the Grammys broadcast)

I hate the world right now.

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  1. {{{{hugs back}}}}
    Lentil and beef casserole for us both, when things stabilize.

  2. TT, sorry the world is being so unpleasant to you at the moment. I hope once the forms are all done that’s it for a bit, and I hope the anaemia lets up, and I hope there are many rainbows and some cake in your near future 🙂

  3. I bet you are probably as tired as Julia Gillard of hearing about Kevin Rudd challenging too. I hope the form filling fairy visits soon and your anemia responds to whatever it is you need to do. (((hugs)))

  4. Arg, iron pills and injections are the worst. Hope it’s not so serious that you have to resort to those. Best of luck for the job – I’m sure your awesomeness will shine through.

  5. Much sympathy for the tired, and shared rage about the form filling requirements, and the pointlessness thereof. I often wonder what percentage of the funding is spent on processing the endless forms. Surely it would actually be cheaper to have a “Student needs X support” (for whatever reason) therefore “Funding is Y” look up table.

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