Outland Open Thread: Episode 5, “Toby”

Toby from Outland Greetings, Outlanders! Tonight it’s a Toby extravaganza — discuss it here!

In verse!

(Except I was kidding about the “in verse” bit. :P)

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  1. Oh, that was quite heartbreaking.
    I LOVED the gay dance though! And the expression on Rae’s face! 😀

  2. I’m so glad they hit their dramatic straps this episode. But more than anything I love this line: “I told you things only a stranger on the internet should know.”

  3. The gay dance was great, all the choroegraphy was great! But although the episode was not quite as hilarious as the others the tension’s certainly been ratcheted up. I hope it’s all resolved nicely next week.

  4. I just really want to see Rhonda Burchmore as Gandalf now.

  5. Oh my word, intense much?

  6. Yes, quite intense. But I did go LOL at Fab’s final “And more importantly: Is. There. Any. Foodt!!”
    He does a great job at that character, even when he’s told off – those clueless blinky eyes!

  7. This is up there for my favourite episode (“Rae” is the competition). In addition to the dramatic level really rachetting up, I laughed more than I had at the previous two episodes. I loved the Cabaret references – maybe not scifi but all the songs seemed to be Space Station Beta related, so in the tradition of musical episodes of Buffy, Xena etc and Dr Horrible. Were there any Rocky Horror references?
    The gay boy dance, and Rae’s expression during it, is the first time I’ve really felt that the four men + one woman core cast could be justified. I still think any continuation should have Moah Women and Moah Rae in particular.
    My minor niggle is that when Toby gives Fab his well-deserved telling-off, the insults include “fat” and “old”. Apart from how they’ve kept telling us Max and Fab are friends from school, those have nothing to do with why Fab deserves telling-off.
    In my continuing colour analysis, this episode gives Toby green, but he doesn’t own it – he’s not really found himself yet (or we haven’t been allowed to see the real him). The other characters get to wear their own colours: Rae wears an orangey-red necklace, Andy (who I think is “dark”) is in dark denim and black leather, and Fab is in pastel yellow, a really nice summary of all the pastels and yellowed newspaper of his episode. Here Max gets interesting, because his hoodie isn’t blue, but bluish green, and I wonder if that’s him leaning towards Toby. But I think he’s worn that colour before, so maybe it’s just Max.

  8. My wrap-him-up-and-pet-him instincts towards Max continue to proliferate.

  9. I am seriously loving Rae, and I’m glad I didn’t read this thread until after I caught up on the ep tonight. Heartstring tugging, I didn’t expect it to turn so dark.

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