Otterday! And Open Thread. Now with bonus CAKE!

Otterday is hosted today by this otter who looks like she’d like a place in the Supremes lined. The photo was taken at Sacramento Zoo and shared by Anthony Brewer on flickr.

side view of a lithe river otter on rocky ground. Her left paw is raised as if singing 'Stop in the Name of Love'.

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

[added Otter Cake until Lauredhel gets around to posting her pic, don’t want to disappoint the punters! ~M]

Cake of an otter on its back holding a fish.

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  1. I came for cake, and I see none 😦
    Off out for the day with the family and another family to see some outdoor museum exhibition stuff – at least we’ve got a nice day for it.

  2. Sounds lovely tigtog! I am off to the markets to buy veggies and remind myself of home.
    In sad news, Thursday there was a self-defence seminar for women at my uni and a friend went to it only to leave after half an hour because it was absolutely triggering, disempowering and playing right into rape culture.
    On the plus side, the Women’s Collective had a picnic by the lakes for IWD and I am celebrating 5000 views of my blog!

  3. I am loving Ready Steady Bake – Cooking with Kids atm. I have only been reading it so far but I’m motivated to do some cooking this afternoon. As part of the whole kids and school thing I am trying to only send them with home cooked snacks for recess plus fruit. So far we are doing okay, although a couple of times there have been last minute batches of pikelets whipped up or buttered weetbix. I need some more good easy recipes for kids snacks that are lunchbox friendly.
    I am also reading the third book in Tansy Rayner Roberts’ Creature Court Trilogy: Reign of Beasts. I’m enjoying it very much and don’t want it to end.

  4. I am so mad at my city right now — or at least the people who comment on the local paper’s Internet website.
    Last night, I went to a school awards ceremony. Basically, the school district (in a US state that shares a border with Mexico) does a Thing where they give away laptop computers to students meeting certain criteria (attendance, grade, behavioral). Said district has been doing Thing for a few years, and it’s been a particularly valuable incentive to encourage a sizable portion of our “middle of the road” students to achieve more than they might otherwise. (I think there’s absolutely some valid criticism of extrinsically motivating students toward academic success, but that is not what’s making me mad today.)
    So, awards ceremony-type thing was last night. It was awesome. So many of my kids — who worked So. Damn. Hard. — got laptops and were So. Proud. Rightfully so. For most of them, it was far more about being recognized for their work, dedication, and accomplishments than it was about the laptops themselves. Naturally, I am happy because they are happy and proud and successful.
    Write up in local paper was today. Article itself is quite nice.
    But then I read the comments.
    Apparently, “everyone in my city” (read: most of the people who commented) think all of my students are illegal immigrants and juvenile delinquents (and that both or either of these factor means that they don’t deserve and/or would not benefit from a quality education) who don’t need these laptops because “everybody” already has a smartphone/iPad/etc. anyway. And that our district is “wasting” taxpayer money by providing these laptops — evidence that we certainly should not receive more money and quite possibly deserve even less. Never mind that so many of things are either categorically false or based on fucked up prejudices. (The only one I will explicitly clarify is this: there is a community business partner who funds this laptop-as-award program. There are some ancillary costs that the district pays, directly or indirectly, but basically– these are not taxpayer computers.)
    And, you know, there is plenty to criticize in my school, district, state, and nation. But HOW DARE so many people try to tear down these students for receiving an educational tool in recognition of educational accomplishments?!?!?!?
    So, yeah. It’s “I hate everyone day” here. 😛

  5. Mindy: muffins and cheesy-bread usually rule the day for baked snacks here, though I confess the cheesy-bread is usually from the shop. I rely on “1 Mix, 100 Muffins” for muffins recipes – it’s reliable, cheap, and easy.
    The Lad also likes combining apple slices with a little thinly sliced ham and cheese. Dip the apple in orange juice to stop it from browning.
    And now that we’ve got the most fabulous lunchbox ever, the Planetbox [/advert], he can also take a little container of olive oil and balsamic vinegar to dip bread into. Add a few cherry tomatoes, and it’s a yummy savoury snack.

  6. I started a new blog called Bipolar in the Country. It’s about…well…being bipolar in the country! ; )

  7. @Mindy – definitely muffins. I developed my own recipe for ABC muffins – apple, banana and chocolate chip – and my girls love them. The recipe is on my blog: ABC muffins.
    I’ve been trying to work out a good basic recipe, which I vary a bit depending on what I’m putting into the mix. I tend to use a base of 1.5 cups of flour, 1.5 tsp of baking powder (or use 1.5 cups of self-raising flour), 2/3 cup of sugar, or sometimes a bit less depending on what fruit I’m using, 3/4 cup of milk, or sometimes a bit less if I’m using a sloppier fruit, 1 egg, and 50gms of melted butter. Mix the dry ingredients, beat the egg and milk together, add the wet ingredients to the dry, stir in the fruit, put the mix into well greased pans, and bake at 200 degrees (Celsius) for about 10 to 12 minutes.
    I usually make a batch of 12 muffins, 3 for lunch that day, and the rest into the freezer for subsequent days. The girls get them out for their lunches as needed. I get them to wrap the frozen muffins in paper towels so that any moisture lost as they defrost is absorbed, rather than ending up as a sticky sheen over everything in their lunch boxes.

  8. @Mindy – It’s been a while since I had a lunchbox, but here are a few things that are portable, unsquashable, freezable and don’t require cutlery: frittatas, falafel, rice balls, honey or chilli roasted nuts, muesli slices or biscuits, hot cross buns (or just homemade bread in general), savoury pancakes, rosti, stuffed dates, and boring old vegies and dip.

  9. We have baby bunnies. We weren’t supposed to have baby bunnies, but I guess Caramel’s trip to the vet was left just a little bit too late.

  10. Oh my god, mimbles, they’re adorable! I’m used to baby guinea pigs who pop out (well, it probably doesn’t feel that way for the mum) fully furred and ready to go. These are just gorgeous! Albeit slightly weird-looking.

  11. Those teeny tiny ears are pretty cute.

  12. I’m all about the ears 🙂

  13. Tori, I’m glad that your kids at least have people like you and the ones who put that programme together on their side. That’s got to be huge for them.

  14. The rabbits are gorgeous even if unplanned!
    And Tori, these kids are going to remember you as someone who believed in them when so many didn’t.

  15. Noses, tiny bunny noses…

  16. I’m worried where this University supported website “The Conversation” is going.
    There appears to be very little quality control in the comments sections on topics concerning gender and women. Many of these topics are frequently targeted by MRAs who are determined to silenced women’s opinions and voices.
    The fact the moderators seem to have no problems with it suggests they are supportive of the opinions. It is concerning to think what message is being sent to the community by allowing this behaviour.
    See latest example “Stand up for feminism on International Women’s Day, lest our hard-fought rights slip away

  17. Mindy, I can hook you up with some stuff once I have my own computer back.
    Complicated baking with a clingy Small Person in the house just does not happen. I’m all about the simple.
    Happy, happy day, I think we’ll actually sort out and maybe sign a lease on an ACT property today. We’ve been offered a postage stamp with two tiny courtyards. I’m absolutely enamoured with the idea of having our own outside space after years of apartment living. And even moreso after a month of homelessness and sleeping in generously offered beds and floor futons. (Also, sometimes my Mum can really come through for me, and I have some of the most lovely, generous friends.)

  18. Aphie – I have plenty to be going on with, but thank you for thinking of me, I can wait until you are sorted and in your new place. Very good news that you have found somewhere. The start of the Uni year is always tough. I think Tiny Tyrant will enjoy having some outdoor space and if it is small there is less mess to clean up afterwards.

  19. @Aphie I hope all went well with signing the lease, outside space will make such a huge difference to you!

  20. Thanks Mim, I’m hoping so too!

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