Friday Hoyden: Lucy Lawless

Xena dressed in leather holding her Chakram (a razor sharp metal disc) against a background of fire.

Sorry this Friday Hoyden post is a bit slap-dash, the amount of work I need to complete and the time I have to complete it are both increasing and decreasing with alarming rapidity. So of course I’m on the internet 🙂

Lucy Lawless has to be about the only awesome Kiwi we Australians haven’t unofficially adopted and claimed as our own. She kicked arse as Xena Warrior Princess who was equal to Ares the demi-god and far better than the men who tried to best her and always underestimated her, had a gorgeous sidekick which allowed for some great lesbian URST, and wasn’t stick thin. Apparently after the show finished, in an interview Lucy said she always thought that Xena was lesbian. Although fans could have a good argument that she was bi.

Outside of acting she has supported NZ tourism, protested against Proposition 8 which disallowed same sex marriage in California and was recently arrested while protesting for Greenpeace.

Gabrielle and Xena.

You can even follow her on Twitter @RealLucyLawless.

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  1. And let’s not forget her portrayal of D’Anna Biers / Number 3 in Battlestar Galactica. (I always did have a thing for Cylons 🙂

  2. Isn’t she just fabulous?
    I remember watching Lawless host some cable show on female warriors from history, and the best bit was when she would get a historian to show examples of the weapons this week’s featured woman would have used. She would pick them up and try them out, and so obviously always knew how to handle them with confidence and expertise.

  3. How does Zena hold a razor-sharp metal disc with bare hands and not get cut? Or for that matter have it swinging about freely on her belt without having it tear up her apron/skirt (even if they are leather) or occasionally cut her wrists and forearm open? Details like that always bother me.

  4. Sheer skill.

  5. I’m not sure Sam but it is based on an actual weapon so perhaps it’s not as far fetched as it seems.
    There is even a show dedicated to it.

  6. What I loved about Xena was not only the female friendship, but how it didn’t itself seriously. So much fun!

  7. You ruined my frypan!

  8. Matt, have you been watching Tangled?
    I found some bits of Lucy’s Warrior Women series on YouTube. Here is a snippet from her piece on Grace O’Malley, who I have been meaning to write up as a Friday Hoyden herself for ages.

  9. Gabrielle: “Xena, this was our only frying pan. Why do you do that. You do have weapons, don’t you?!”
    Xena: “I like to be creative in a fight.”

  10. I loved her episode of The Simpsons.
    “[flying in the air]Lisa: Wait a minute — Xena can’t fly.
    Lucy Lawless: I told you, I’m not Xena. I’m Lucy Lawless!”
    LL also supports campaigns encouraging breastfeeding. I really don’t know why the media over here in Oz hasn’t tried to “adopt” her yet!

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