Outland Open Thread: Episode 6, “Pride”

The Outland Cast

It’s the season finale! Will the group make it to Pride?

My hope for this episode: I’d like to see Max and Toby get together, and I’m hoping that Rae turns up with a girlfriend that she met at the Beta-Go musical rehearsal (I’m assuming that Rae went along to it, without the rest of them). That way, Series 2 could feature MOAR WOMEN, and be all Bechdel-y. 🙂

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  1. End of the series already? But it’s only just begun.

  2. I will definitely be writing to the ABC to ask for MOAR!

  3. Woot – Lulara costumes!

  4. p.s. I will be livetweeting. Hashtag #Outland

  5. The costumes the shoes, all gorgeous. Really feeling the Fab love tonight.

  6. That was a splendid finale. I loved Fab, Toby and Max’s epiphany and the warm fuzziness of the end.

  7. I loved it when Toby arrived and Max and Andy gave a little glance to their own frocks, as if checking whether they looked like that, and realising they didn’t.

  8. That was a lovely finish. Although the group should be called something in honour of Lulara :-).
    My favourite moment is Toby explaining how his makeup does homage to Lulara’s ethnicity without descending into the racism of blackface, and then Fab turns up. I also noticed that Fab’s apartment block looks much nicer in this episode.
    Or maybe my favourite moment was Andy doing “you shall not pass”. There were quite a few to choose from!

  9. I also liked how none of them assumed that Rae would go as Lulara. The blackface explanation was fantastic. I bet that is going to get linked to a lot on youtube. At least I hope so.

  10. I liked that the chief young thug was wearing a southern cross shirt emblazoned with the slogan: ‘ ozzy ozzy oy oy oy ‘ I thought it was a nice not-so-subtle commentary on the section of the community that would participate in gay bashing (but it wasnt going happen on Pride day, because that would lead to death by irony). I loved Fab’s brief brave stand and yes the moment AotQ describes when Fab first turns up, and the scene at the march when they were wandering their seperate ways – it was filmed like a love letter to gay community and all (or perhaps some of its more visible) subcultures. So much to love about this episode.

  11. Just spammed that last comment from “Helen”. It was the first not the last season spammer!

  12. Ack, that was my fault — I did in in the bleariness of 6.45am this morning — saw an innocuous looking comment and let it through. Sorry, I really should have been more careful.

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