Oh Henri!

The adventures of Henri the Emo cat.

Transcript: This video is shot in black and white and narrated in French. [ the subtitles on this video contain some ableist language]

Beginning: An image of a famous french poster of a black cat sitting on a white block where the words have been changed to Henri 2 Paw de Deux

A long haired black and white cat (Henri) looks out a window onto houses below. Video the moves to a shot of Henri’s face.
Narrator: Well…I’m still here.

Henri on his belly on the floor, backdrop of a pale coloured wall.
N: I have grown my fluffy coat for the cold winter, like a Tsar’s robe.

A woman trims the long fur on his back legs.
N: It requires a certain delicate maintenance.

Henri looking out the window.
N: I am free to go. Yet I remain.

Henri lying on his side on a carpet.
N: The 15 hours a day I sleep has no effect.

Henri lying on his side looking at the camera.
N: I wake to the same tedium.

Cat poster on the wall.
N: Immortalised on the wall.

Henri on the floor, against pale wall backdrop.
N: Forgotten on the floor.

Henri with his front paws resting on a bathroom scale.
N: When my caretakers step here they become irate. Yet I feel nothing.

Henri on the left hand side of the screen gazing at a bird cage containing two budgerigars.
N: They leave tasty snacks just out of reach.

Close up shot of budgies. Close up shot of a pet rat sniffing at the corner of its cage.
N: They taunt me mercilessly.

Front shot of Henri.
N: I feel alone in this torment.

White cat with dark marks on head rubs its back and smooches against the seat of a wooden kitchen chair.
N: The white i*iot writhes on his chair, begging for cheeseburgers.

Henri in a basket, peering over the top.
N: I’m surrounded by m*rons.

Henri looking at a tile, displayed on a desk, featuring a black and white cat inscribed with the words “Attenti al Gatto”. 
N:Pay attention to the cat.
Henri turns to look at the camera.
N: But they never do.

Henri looking into camera.
N: Still I have learned a few things.

Henri licks a small whorl of white cream like paste next to a bathroom basin.
N: The whipped cream in the bathroom is not whipped cream.

Henri sitting in front of bathroom mirror turns to look at his reflection.
N: We cannot escape ourselves.

Image of cat door.
N: And sometimes the cat door…

Henri runs into the cat door and comes to a sudden halt and looks at the door in a bemused fashion.
N: …is closed.


Un film de Will Braden.


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