Quick Hit: Hey it’s about HAES

I was shocked when I read this article. Not by the actions of the mother described, but by the positive HAES focus of the article. Surely there will be someone in there saying ‘eat less move more’ I thought, but there isn’t. Hallelujah! Finally there is some sense happening around the whole ZOMG Zombesity crisis. Thanks to the hard work of all the activists out there I should add.
As always, read the comments at your own risk, although the first few were okay.

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  1. There kinda is, in the paragraph about how parents must Set Good Examples … a sadly bum note in an otherwise (surprisingly) okay article! I feel like we must be being trolled.

  2. There was a HAES article in the current issue of Ride On, the cycling mag, usually a bastion of the Lycra clad middle aged bloke.

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