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Newswithnipples has started a great new comic called “Feminist Dad”. Check it out here. Even better, she is taking ideas for Feminist Dad comics, so if you have something you think would make a great comic, let her know. You can also follow along on Twitter @newswithnipples.

SotBO: Feminist men – if this isn’t you, this isn’t about you. It is about those men who come over all ‘feminist’ once they have a daughter, but still fail to treat women as they would like their own daughter to be treated.

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  1. Hehe. It doesn’t have the same quality of artwork as though.

  2. SotBO: Feminist men – if this isn’t you, this isn’t about you.

    Although if you are reading a feminist blog and considering asking people to reassure you that they aren’t suggesting that all men everywhere are all the same, you might want to think things over before posting.
    You might also want to think hard before posting that this isn’t you and you want a gold star for good behaviour, for the same reason that it’s not a good idea to post that you went to the toilet all by yourself, and that’s because not making other people deal with crap is considered by some as part of being a decent adult human being.

  3. Well that’s why it’s a Statement of the Bleeding Obvious 😉
    But I know that I have days where I have to remind myself that not everything is directed at me, so a little reminder doesn’t always go astray either.

  4. Thanks Mindy! I’m not sure if the internet needs to see my stick figures – I’m a writer, not an artist – but they’re there and they’re fun.

  5. Nothing wrong with stick figure comics, just ask xkcd.

  6. Oh, YetAnotherMatt, why must you bring up the Nice Guy? Now I’m going to spend all evening reading it for giggles (giggles amplified by the fact it’s, somehow, not satirical …)

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