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It’s been a while since we updated the blogroll. Please suggest any of your must-read places that we’ve somehow missed so far, so that we can share the lovely linkjuice.

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  1. Shamelessly self-promoting myself?
    Jo’s blog about feminism, asexuality, books and occasional history geekery.
    And the UQ Women’s collective zine blog:

  2. One for Bonza Blokes http://badblood.wordpress.com/

    Daniel blogs about a wide range of stuff you can see his about page here http://badblood.wordpress.com/about/

  3. Thanks everyone – I found my round tuit and these links are now part of the blogroll.

  4. Go take a look at Settle Petal – http://www.settlepetal.org.au
    For young Australian women who aren’t afraid of the F word.

  5. Thanks for adding, tigtog! I’m right at the top of the blogroll now, how exciting! The joys of alphabetisation.

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