Thursday Internet Tradition: Soon! Soon? Soon…

Hoydens are aware of all Internet traditions! But we share our hard-won cultural knowledge!

Beware the intense gaze of that which patiently waits for just the right moment … this macro is my current favourite for sheer WTFery.

a group of kids in bright summer clothing stands in the background. In the foreground is a square access hatch, open, in the middle of a concrete surface.  Poking out from the access hatch are the ears and eyes of a brown horse. The caption says *soon...*

The compiler of this video collection os some of the best examples of the meme seems to agree.

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12 replies

  1. For sheer absurdity I think the ones containing horses have to win.

  2. This image is equal parts hilarious and downright distressing!

  3. I snorfled lightly when I saw this meta-meme macro.

  4. I just love the way some people’s minds work. I saw an internet tradition the other night while searching for ideas for pirate costumes for my daughter, but it’s not suitable for a family website. It wasn’t particularly suitable for pirate costumes either 😛

  5. So you’re saying it was R-rated?

  6. Definitely R rated shading into X-rated with a good serve of WTF added in. A gif from the site came up in a search for Pirates because the guy in the background was doing a ‘pirate style’ dance, nude.

  7. No, no, I meant… wait, pirate dance? Actually, don’t tell me.

  8. Oh, arrrr rated. Nice one, sorry I didn’t get it at first.

  9. Now I’m saying “Soon” so many times in my head that it sounds weird 😛

  10. You might think that a pirate’s favorite letter is R, but they really love the C.

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