Otterday! And Open Thread.

I love a good action shot. This bubbling critter was caught at Discovery Cove, Orlando by Valeri Thalen-Passon, who shared the photo on flickr.

Underwater otter bubbling and looking at the glass - or at its reflection? It looks like a baby otter.

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. I like my job, I work with nice people and my landlords are nice people. The Tiny Tyrant’s childcare is ace, the Wicked Fairy is thinking he can earn a crust in this city doing something other than the boring menial crud he’s been shoehorned into for the past several years by upbringing and situation, we have some wonderful friends here and I’ve made contact with a bellydancer I’m quite excited to meet and potentially learn from. Have some Schadenjoy (our made up word for the opposite of schadenfreude)!
    My brother gets married next month, I STILL don’t have a dress, and where does a BabyFattie find something gorgeous and not strapless anyway?

  2. My dreaded lurgy has mostly retreated to a mild sinus irritation, the sun is shining, and my cat is fluffy and sooky. This is good.
    The three members of Pussy Riot have been sentenced to two years in a labour camp for hooliganism “motivated by religious hatred”. This is outrageously bad.

  3. Aphie, My Size is my goto for stylish, classic larger size clothing – they go up to size 26 and have some wonderful dresses.
    They also have EXCELLENT specials.

  4. Aphie I have a size 16-18 purple cocktail frock (the label says 16 but it is a generous 16 and it fits me) that you are welcome to borrow, although you would need a cardy or shawl/wrap with it. Let me know if this sounds okay and we will arrange a meeting.

  5. I’m also looking for weddingwear. Every time I look on the My Size website for a fancy frock and like one, it’s only available in XS/S. I’m gonna check out Autograph, but don’t have much else in the way of ideas. I’ll probably end up with something two piece, because short and knee-length dresses really don’t work for me when using a wheelchair.
    It also bugs me a lot that My Size models its clothes on small models, and the photos often hide features of the dress (lots of long hair hiding the shoulders, for example). There’s also an awful lot of polyester.

  6. [threadlurch] Just caught the second half of The Fifth Element while channel-surfing – how mahvelous is Chris Tucker as Ruby Rhod? I believe he’s dipping his toe back into movies – looking forward to it.[/threadlurch]

  7. Mary Wilson on RocKwiz! *dies*

  8. I just invented a mixed drink which I need a name for (seriously, it ought to be illegal) – Guinness with Drambuie.

  9. Not quite the same as your invention. But a pint of beer with a shot-glass of Drambuie dropped into it is called a depth-charge.

  10. Ah, of course it is – I knew there was something akin. Of course there’s the stout and champagne cocktail called Black Velvet, but that’s rather tame by comparison. And then there’s the Scotch and Drambuie cocktail called the Rusty Nail.
    So perhaps Rusty Velvet?

  11. The three members of Pussy Riot have been sentenced to two years in a labour camp for hooliganism “motivated by religious hatred”. This is outrageously bad.
    It really is.

  12. Thanks BookGirl. Had a look at their website, but think I really need to go into the store. So many boxy dresses – huge boobs mean they tend to look shapeless on me if not cut Just Right, plus leggy models never give an accurate representation for my shortarse self.

  13. City Chic have some nice stuff too, and have a busty model which might help you see how it might fit. Although not sure of her height.
    @Lauredhel – I don’t have anything in the way of separates I’m afraid I don’t wear or shop for them much at all. Could you wear a tunic top and tights? Autograph – if they are in Perth – do a nice line in tunics. If you aren’t sick to death of them fashion wise that is.

  14. I’m not at all comfortable in tunic + tights + wheelchair, but tunic + trousers could work. That’s the plan right now.

  15. Autograph have reached the west coast.
    I used to be quite keen on My Size, but unfortunately over the past few years they’ve gone away from the largely natural fibres I used to enjoy, and over to lots and lots of synthetics. I’ve also discovered over the years that what they stock for day-to-day wear isn’t much better quality than somewhere like Best & Less, Target or K-mart. However, Best & Less don’t ask me to pay $120 for a pair of jeans I’m going to wear through in about a year; they only ask about $25 – $35 (no kidding, I went shopping for replacement jeans at Best & Less on Friday. Got two pairs of jeans and another three pairs of leggings all for under $100, which was better than I’d bargained for. The jeans are going to be getting regular wear day-to-day, so as long as they last longer than about eight weeks apiece, they’ll have given their money’s worth).
    Why jeans and leggings? I wear the leggings under the jeans, and then add shoes and socks. Keeps my legs warm, means I don’t have to spend money on pantyhose (which are expensive, particularly if you aren’t a standard size 12) and also means we don’t have to spend as much money on heating the house (thank you Mr Barnett for raising the power prices…).
    Living on a low income stinks.

  16. This SMH article about the fact that the RTA did contribute to research on the cycleways in Sydney has the following quote:

    Liberal candidate Edward Mandla said the department’s “bewildering” logic had deprived the community of car spaces along College Street.

    Is that seriously the best argument they can come up with against the cycleways? (Yes, I have heard it before, I just keep forgetting that they really think it has weight. I suppose it probably does with some parts of the community.)

  17. Moment of auntly pride on the weekend, when my 3 yo nephew stopped petting my stuffed cat “because he asked me to stop, so I did. You have to stop when they ask.”
    I showered him with praise and reinforcement – hope this lesson is learnt bone-deep.
    I have said something similar to him when I was tickling him and he asked me to stop – so I did. Maybe it’s working.

  18. I really enjoyed watching The Sapphires. Funny and sad. Passes the Bechdel test with flying colours. “It is 1968, and four young, talented aboriginal girls learn about love, friendship and war when their all girl group The Sapphires entertain the US troops in Vietnam.”
    It is in cinemas at the moment.

  19. My brother saw The Sapphires the other weekend – he and partner really enjoyed it as well.

    Lemurs having Jubilee “cupcakes”.

  20. Mr10 came home from school and tearily told me about a friend’s parents splitting up (I already knew but hadn’t known what I ought or ought not say to Tom). Life is hard sometimes 😦

  21. I think that has happened with some of my kids friends too, and they are hyper aware of me and MyNigel having an argument for weeks afterward. Sometimes my daughter still asks ‘where is Mummy going and is she coming back?’. You (or maybe just me) don’t realise how much they take in and how easily they jump to conclusions.
    I’m glad Tom was able to tell you. You must be doing something right 🙂

  22. Gobsmacked. Just got told to wise up on twitter because Julian Assange’s accusers made it all up. By a woman. Using a Crikey article from 2010. I guess if you stick your head far enough into the sand you can ignore almost anything.

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