Friday Hoydens: all the Paralympics women

A mid-torso to head-shot of two pale-skinned women athletes in wheelchairs competing for possession of the basketball

Amy Conroy (GB) blocks a Netherlands player from the ball

Go you good things!1

I’m enjoying the coverage on our ABC, although it’s very very Oz-centric. Who else have you seen doing great stuff? (and by all means mention the blokes, they can be honorary hoydens this week)

1. Traditional Aussie sporting cheer

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  1. Loving every time I see Jacqueline Freney and Maddison Elliott on the screen – fabulous performances and such excitement.
    Watching Oscar Pistorius’ race right now – hell, Olivera just stumbled and false-started!

  2. Okay, Oliveira was green-carded so he got to run. Fab performance from Johnny Peacock to win.

    Fantastic to see all the packed venues and full-throated crowds.

  3. Congratulations to the German Women’s Wheelchair basketball team. Gold medal winners and unbeaten in this tournament. Congratulations to the Australian Women’s Wheelchair basketball team The Gliders on their silver medal.

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