Gotta Love The Internet: Eastwooding with an Empty Chair

Oh Internet, my birthday was days ago now – you really shouldn’t have! So Much #emptychair, #eastwooding and #invisibleobama on my feeds this morning!


Buzzfeed | Eastwooding – Clint Eastwood went on television and spoke to an empty chair, and the internet responded in the only way it knows how.
Eastwood, empty chair hijack Republican media coverage
Eastwood’s empty chair routine mocked on Twitter
The long political history of debating empty chairs

For anyone interested in what Clint Eastwood actually said in his 12 minute speech (that was supposed to be only 5 minutes long), the Washington Post has a transcript.

For the rest of us, please share your favourite exploration of the #emptychair, #eastwooding and #invisibleobama hashtag/macro memes.

This one is my fave so far:

The Iron Throne from the TV version of Game of Thrones with an added caption

Eastwood is coming

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5 replies

  1. Oh dear. He has history, of course. He used to talk to the trees, the stars and the breeze.(They ignored him too).

    • Peta, I’ve been mostly away fromt the computer all weekend, but this reply made me snort last night and I’m still snorting now. What colour internets would you like?

  2. Sorry that was another captioned photo.

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