Feminism 101 Blog: Cyberbullies 101 Part 1

I’ve just published a basic tips and tricks #FF101 piece on dealing with cyberbullies that I’ve been working on (on and off) for a while now, and I’d appreciate some feedback and especially additional tips and tricks that I overlooked in the OP. It’s largely an expansion of the piece I did a while ago on How I Minimise The Online Abuse I Receive pitched at a more 101 level.

Cyberbullies 101: Part 1 – muffling their megaphones

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  1. Have I mentioned how much I appreciate that blog? It’s the best resource for clueless friends.
    It’s a great article- you make the point that it really is about making the bullied feel powerless very well. Then showing that there are tools available for minimizing the yuck. The 10 Simple things will definitely come in handy.

    • Thanks, Eden. In the next article in the series I’ll write about how the haters via #FF101 did manage to overwhelm me for a while, to the point that I hated seeing a comment-pending-moderation notification hit my inbox. That’s when I learnt to manage my inbox better, and implement various helpful moderation tools.

  2. Killer blog – Feminism 101 – I didn’t know about it until this blogpost!
    You write. “I’d appreciate some feedback and especially additional tips and tricks that I overlooked in the OP.”
    I know you keep yourself busy enough with both of these blogs, in addition to your real life, but I know you would get some excellent feedback if you asked for it at Atheism+. The brain and heart power over there is sure to elicit the constructive comments you seek. I highly recommend you take a couple of minutes to register.
    You can also link your blog to us once you are a member – we have a comprehensive list of our members blogs compiled by none other than Xanthe, and yours deserves a place there!!!

  3. Yes please!
    The latest page of the thread is here, and there’s the possibility it might include some trolls of the anti-feminist variety, since not all of the A+ forumers with regressive attitudes have displayed their colours.
    I hadn’t been aware that the awesome FF101 was your work, until comparatively long after I’d been lurking here; we appear to have a few mutual friends (Eric the Fruit Bat’s link should perhaps link to his Dreamwidth blog, not his vestigial LiveJournal, but hey).

    • Hi Xanthë! Well, if me showing up might provoke some regressives on AtheismPlus into a vexatious display of showing their arsehats, that’s a win for the rest of us, isn’t it? I’ve been meaning to check out the forums there properly anyway.
      I’m putting up some guest posts at FF101 later this week on Privacy 101, based on the recent Melbourne #cryptoparty, too.

  4. Well, if you’re even half-way decent at flushing out trolls in the wild, so the mods can play whack-a-mole with their Hammers of Gentle Persuasion, that’s gotta be good. You’re too well-informed to be unaware that the A+ forums are not exactly flavour of the month with some rather slimy characters…
    Thanks for responding to my previous Comment of Gentle Suggestion!

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