ObEquinox Photo: Happy Spring, fellow Southrons!

Scheduled for the exact minute of the September Equinox BECAUSE I CAN. Since it’s dark here we can’t do what Beppie did in 2006.

A hand is held up against a blue sky so that the thumb and index finger appear to hold the Sun.

Holding the Equinox in my Hand, taken by our very own Beppie at the exact moment of the September equinox in 2006.

According to this handy sunmap, the best place to try and reproduce Beppie’s photo this year is in Brazil.

A map of the world showing where it will be day and night and the positions of the Sun and the Moon at the time of the September Equinox 2012

Sunmap for 2012 September Equinox (Saturday, 22 September 2012 at 14:48 UTC, Sunday 23 September 2012 at 00:48 AEST)

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  2. Happy Equinox everyone. Quite looking forward to clocks going ahead in NSW, Vic and Tas next week (SA too?) I am already waking up early in the day so it should hopefully be fairly easy to transition.

  3. But did you balance an egg on its end?

  4. And next Sunday is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring equinox. Chocolate feasting for me!

  5. No, I have my chocolate festival, and am fully supportive of other people’s rights to celebrate chocolate based on their own northern hemispherical cultural traditions, because I’m nice like that. Whilst it may LOOK like I’m getting two chocolate festivals a year because chocolate is a religious practice that I enjoy, it’s because I’m a people person. Also, inventing religious practices involving rubber ducks. I should have checked that they float upright before offering them to the mall fountain spirits, luckily the high priestess of my faithful community has some glue and metal washers.

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