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Australia’s annual awards for public displays of sexism took place at NSW Parliament House last night. Here are the results. No real spoilers in telling you that Alan Jones won the gold Ernie this year for his wonderfully stimulating “women are destroying the joint” comment. He may be evading the rule that disqualifies someone for trying, but sometimes effort has to be acknowledged. The Ernies website is great fun to browse, with lots of details about the awards’ twenty-year history. Lots is also still going on, on the Destroy the Joint Facebook page.

Cartoon of a range of women performing widely varied activities, with the Ernies logo of a flying pink pig centre.

via the Ernies website, design by Fiona Katauskas

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  1. Ok, so I know it’s been around for ages now, but what exactly is “destroying the joint” meant to mean???

  2. I didn’t know about the Barry O’Farrell comment. Tsk, tsk. Unfortunately, it’s never hard to find someone to give an Ernie to.

  3. Fantastic read! However, I’m gobsmacked that Bob Ellis has never made it to the Dishonour Board.

  4. In light of his most recent comments about Ms Gillard and her family, I suspect Mr Jones has put himself in line for a Perpetual Ernie. Repugnant man.
    Of course, he’s trying to “apologise”. I’m sure the next phase in this is going to be Alan Jones getting up on the “authorised martyr” high-horse because Ms Gillard isn’t willing to accept his faux-pologies (and more power to her if she doesn’t, say I).
    ”[Mr Jones] says his advertisers are not looking to withdraw their sponsorship of his program” according to the ABC. I hope he’s subsequently proved incorrect on this matter.

  5. Megpie, Destroy the Joint (I think I can now begin to treat that as the title of an organisation) has put up a list of Jones’s advertiser’s email addresses, for anyone who would like to send a complaint. So far Lexus of Paramatta and Freedom Furniture have pulled their advertising. Here is the list:

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