Wednesday Whimsy

Today’s Whimsy is brought to you courtesy of Science Magazine and the AAAS, who jointly sponsor a competition called “Dance Your PhD”.

Science Magazine explains the competition (links omitted):

The competition challenges scientists around the world to explain their research through the most jargon-free medium available: interpretive dance. The 36 Ph.D. dances submitted this year include techniques such as ballet, break dancing, and flaming hula hoops. Those were whittled down to 12 finalists by the past winners of the contest. Those finalists were then scored by a panel of judges that included scientists, educators, and dancers.


The winner has now been announced – it is a materials scientist at the University of Sydney, Peter Liddicoat.

Follow the link for more of an explanation, and links to Peter’s video and others.

Please share links to anything that has recently surprised, delighted, intrigued or otherwise positively engaged you.

Caramel coloured boxer dog curled around a white cat, both fast asleep.

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  1. Not a link, but – Melbourne people, go see La Soiree. It is a truly stunning performance and worth every penny. It has the most talented trapeze artists and pole dancers and contortionists and otherwise sexy people in tight spangly clothing doing wonderful things.

  2. Superior grade of brain-bleach: Bite your nails, then cry like an infant as conservationists rescue a baby elephant from a well – I totally blubbed when the calf was reunited with her mother after the rescue.

  3. Sorry, there’s no alt-text or title-text for these images at all, but for those able to view them they’re marvellous.
    The Men of Boardwalk Empire: Explained … Through Pie Charts
    (And there are more bow ties than you’d think!)

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