Quicklink: NRA Press Conference

A thread of its own so that gun culture discussion doesn’t take over the Open Thread again.

Melissa McEwan at Shakesville has a roundup of the clusterfail of talking points.

Ugh. The hypocrisy of calling for a national database of the mentally ill while decrying any suggestions for a national database of gun owners is breathtaking.

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  1. And during LaPierre’s press conference, news broke about a multiple shooting in Pennsylvania:

    Four people are dead — including the shooter — and three state troopers were injured this morning in a shooting incident in Frankstown Township, Blair County District Attorney Richard Consiglio said.
    The gunman and two other men and a woman are all dead, Consiglio said.
    The woman was killed at the Juniata Valley Gospel Church, a nondenominational church outside of Geeseytown on Juniata Valley Road, sources tell the Mirror.
    Two troopers were wounded during a shootout with the suspect, Consiglio said. One trooper was hit in his bulletproof vest and another was hit by flying glass when the gunman fired at his state police vehicle.

  2. Quite a few people in various forums have now pointed out that (a) George Zimmerman was an armed security volunteer and
    (b) the NRA said not a single word at the time about how maybe Trayvon Martin would still be alive if he’d had a concealed (legal) handgun.

  3. Well, I’ve just received another reason not to visit the USA any time soon. After all, as a confirmed mentally ill person, I doubt they’d let me in the door. Good thing I wasn’t planning on visiting.
    It is easier to lock up guns than it is to lock up people. Guns don’t riot when locked up in confined spaces. Guns don’t self-harm when faced with long-term confinement. Guns don’t need to be fed, watered, and provided with excretory facilities. Guns don’t require medication. Guns don’t need to be provided with access to exercise facilities. Guns just sit there, in the safe, locked away, and don’t do anything. Unlike people.

  4. I’ve read that the press conference might have been courtesy of The Yes Men, but it could be that they’re only claiming it because the alternative seems too absurd.

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