RocKwiz and other seasonal delights

Sydney has moved into my favourite season for this city – autumn. Bright blue skies, crisp mornings and balmy days: and in the evenings, some better TV (although Australia has never been quite the feast/famine situation with TV that you get in the UK between winter and summer, there’s still a distinct bias towards quality TV airing in the colder months when more people are tucked up cosily at home in the evenings).

Free to Air:

A family favourite: RocKwiz returns Saturday 25th May 8:30pm on SBS
Yep... we're coming back...! on Twitpic

Doctor Who, of course, continues weekly on ABC on Sundays.


Looking forward to watching Kevin Spacey chew the scenery in the US reboot/reworking of House of Cards.

The “re-imagining” of the iconic Aussie TV show Prisoner (aka Cell Block H in the UK) in new series Wentworth looks intriguing, and is a fantastic opportunity to watch some of Australia’s top actresses get their teeth into some meaty drama.

The first episode of the new season of The Borgias was full-on action and intrigue – excellent.

The Season 8 premiere of Dexter airs in the US on 30th June, so here within the week presumably.

What are you looking forward to most?

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  1. NB. Spoilers for the last few episodes in that review.

  2. RocKwiz is everything l like about Australia.
    Just finished first season of Dollhouse (on DVD), and can’t understand why most people were lukewarm about it. The masterfully detailed plot construction alone is enough to keep me transfixed. Now have to find someone to lend me season 2.
    Did anyone else watch the Shakespeare Uncovered series? I wouldn’t mind putting up a whole discussion thread for it, but will anyone else show up?

  3. Haven’t seen it Orlando but it does sound interesting. I promise to comment if you post about it!

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