Otterday! And Open Thread.

This weekend’s open thread is hosted by this otter from the Washington Wetlands Centre, photographed by Graeme Darbyshire and shared on flickr.

river otter on a gnarled log, mouth half open as if holding forth in a soapbox speech

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Since today is H2G2 International Towel Day, here is a picture of a baby otter on a towel.

  2. The fuzziness, it is adorable!

    I just did my first attempt at cable stitch. Huzzah!

  3. … and having got the hang of very basic cable, I’ve now made a slouch cap! (Pattern courtesy of Ravelry.) I didn’t realise how much heavier my yarn was – 12 ply that I’m trying to use up – hence it being heavier than the original. But the way the weather’s going, it’ll probably be just the thing for the depths of winter!

  4. That does look lovely and warm TKUH.

  5. Rio and the River Otter
    Every evening a river otter comes to play with our daughter’s dog Rio. What was once an acquaintance on the other side of the fence has now become a friend who comes to play through the fence.It has been interesting to watch as their trust of each other has developed over the past several months.

  6. P.S. the above video is via Pavlov’s Cat aka Kerryn Goldsworthy on Facebook. I hunted down the YouTube version so I could embed it.

  7. I was just about to share on FB with ‘Tigtog look at this’ then thought I’ll just check Hoyden.

  8. On Friday night our oven door shattered spontaneously. No roast dinner for us. Also no home made birthday cake for Mr angharad. There’s a pic here.

  9. Eeek! That’s one scary shattered door, angharad.
    Well, I had my long-awaited consult with an orthopaedic surgeon today. An MRI (I keep going to write MRA with that … shows what sites I read most often) showed a possible small meniscal tear and cartilage damage in the knee. Surgeon doesn’t think there’s a tear, it’s all cartilage. He didn’t think surgery would be a good idea – more trouble than help was the impression I got – but then he said I should lose weight and suggested five kilos. Five kilos! That’s the weight of an entire cat! Blow that for a game of soldiers.

  10. It was pretty spectacular.
    It’s good to hear you won’t need surgery Kitteh. I have some cartilage damage in my jaw (TMJ dysfunction) and I actually found taking Vitamin D helped a lot with that. Mind you, I was actually deficient, so YMMV if you aren’t.

  11. Another failure for Nick Clegg on the horizon. The Snooper’s Charter is going to be pushed through by Tories and Labour in collaboration; Lord Carlisle stabs his leader (Clegg) in the back by supporting the proposal, along with heavyweights like Boris Johnson:
    “Labour and the Conservatives could unite to push through the controversial communications bill despite Lib Dem objections, a former Tory leader says.
    “The bill, allowing the monitoring of all UK citizens’ internet use, was dropped after a split in the coalition.
    “But Michael Howard said David Cameron had “to act in the national interest” following the Woolwich murder.
    “Labour leader Ed Miliband has said that “if he [the PM] wants a communications bill, we’ll help him get it through”.”
    BoJo finds data bill “compelling”:

  12. Thanks for that info, angharad – I’ll ask my GP about it when I see her. 🙂
    I bought three gorgeous new balls of wool at Wool Baa last night – one mixed brown shades, one a sort of sage or mossy green, and one a deep pink verging on grape colour, which will go with almost anything I wear. Berets ahoy!

  13. I just read “Kitteh” as “Keith” three times and wondered who angharad was talking to.
    …I may be a bit too sick to drag myself into work again.
    But still going anyway, because only 2nd week at new job, no guidance as to roles and expectations from stressed, overworked supervisor and workmate v close-mouthed to the point of obstructionism. (So… yes. My complete opposite.)
    The Twitter convos about SBS Insight last night made me rather glad I lack a tuned in television.

  14. Hope you get better soon, Aphie. Being sick is bad enough, it’s extra crappy at the start of a new job. 😦
    Well, the outcome of the great burgundyish cable knit beret saga: darn thing doesn’t look like a beret AT ALL. It’s more like a beanie, which I guess is because of the elasticity of cable (novice cabler here). It’s a good cap but beanies don’t suit me at all, so it’s ho for the wool shop again tonight.
    Typically, the person I wasn’t knitting it for * (and who I didn’t think would pinch it ‘cos colour) looks much better in it than I do and likes it. But as our barista said this morning, when you’re French you can wear anything and look good. (He’s Breton – no bias there, nooooo.)
    *Yes, that is a photoshopped composite pic. Difficult to photograph them as is in Spirit! 🙂

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