Friday Hoyden: Miranda Hart

As promised earlier this week, here’s a  Miranda appreciation thread.

MGEITF – Miranda: A Masterclass

Miranda Hart, the award winning star of Miranda, is joined by co-star Sarah Hadland and BBC Head of In-House Comedy Mark Freeland to give a master class on the hit sitcom. The session examined the show’s origins on Radio 2, how the BBC2 commission came about (and the later effects of the switch to prime time BBC1) and the creative process at both writing and shooting stage. It also explores the future of the series, and what its success might tell us all about British comedy today.

Highlight from the annual MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival

Please share your favourite Miranda moments in comments – if you paste a youtube url into the comic then the video should auto-embed.

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  1. I finished her memoir last week and all I can say is, I’d love to live in Miranda-land! 😉

  2. She’s just a tiny tiny bit older than me, so she is my new style icon.

  3. I absolutely love her as Chummy in Call the Midwife! I find the comedy in Miranda to be not-really-my-thing (a bit too slapsticky for my tastes), but I am nonetheless still very pleased to see a woman doing so well in comedy and I am very glad that she brings lots of pleasure to people who DO like her style more than I do. Definitely as fan of Miranda Hart as a human being!

  4. I’ve just discovered Miranda and I LOVE her 😀 slapsticky, but I like that she writes it, and I find they relieve that ‘awkwardness’ faster than some other shows where it just drags on forever.

  5. Long version, with gratuitous Dr Who appearance!
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    [mod-note – done!]

  6. Aphie, if you use the full url rather than the shortlinked url, then it auto-embeds.

  7. I love Miranda with the fire of a thousand suns. Have you all seen this sketch for Comic Relief?

  8. Thanks, tigtog. Cannot brain today, I haz the dumb on account of the snot short-circuiting my synapses. :/
    Kath, it’s so good it’s def worth watching multiple times!

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