Quick Hit: Three reasons why a vagina is not like a laptop

Three reasons why a vagina is not like a laptop.

TW for discussions of rape. It is recommended, based on the first few comments on this article, that you do not read the comments. No responsibility will be taken for keyboards embedded in foreheads. You have been warned.

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  1. “Schrödinger’s fanny is not a thing.”
    Well, now it is!

  2. @Orlando, possibly for some members of the trans and intersex community it always was a thing.

  3. Honestly, the big difference between a vagina and a laptop is if I don’t want my laptop to get stolen, I can choose to leave it somewhere safe while I go out. I can’t do that with any of my body parts, particularly my vagina.
    If I’m really paranoid about not wanting a laptop stolen, I can go to the ultimate extreme of not buying one. It’s property – owning one is a choice. I didn’t get a choice with the vagina I got (no more than I got a choice about the tits I wound up with). It’s part of me. Much like a guy’s dick is a part of him.

  4. The comments do not get better, although one commenter makes an analogy that I’ve not seen before. Namesly, someone walking down the street in a judo outfit, and how absurd it would be to assume that this person obviously wants to spar with you, or to regard it as justification for attacking them.

  5. I think people like this guy are making it clear that they see women in their entirety as objects/possessions, not just our lively lady parts. You can see it in words like “unescorted”. A women out without a man is an item the owner has left unattended. A woman not apparently owned by a man is a piece of fruit hanging from a tree in the commons. He can’t grasp the idea that we might own ourselves.

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