Signal Boost: I Am A Girl

The new documentary I Am A Girl is about to screen, briefly, in Sydney and Melbourne. The film gives six teenage girls, each in a different country, the space to speak of their lives.

From the press release:

“There is a group of people in the world today who are more persecuted than anyone else, but they are not political or religious activists. They are girls.  Being born a girl means you are more likely to be subjected to violence, disease, poverty and disadvantage than any other group on the planet.  As each girl moves closer to coming of age, I AM A GIRL, a feature length documentary, reveals what it means to grow up female in the 21st century.”

Australian filmmaker Rebecca Barry has followed six girls with very different lives, Aziza (Afghanistan), Breani (USA), Habiba (Cameroon), Katie (Australia), Kimsey (Cambodia) and Manu (Papua New Guinea), and found out something about their struggles and suffering, but also their continuing ambition and hope. It looks like a very special piece of work, that I hope gets the chance to be seen everywhere.

The I Am A Girl website has loads of information about the film and those involved in making it, and you can also purchase your tickets there.

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  1. Director/producer being interviewed on ABC-24 Weekend Breakfast now.

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