Today in tigtog is pedanticer than most: gargoyle vs grotesque

Architecture: all gargoyles are grotesques, but not all grotesques are gargoyles.

A photo of the carved stone external features on the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Notre Dame Cathedrale, Ile de la Citè: grotesques above, gargoyles below

Gargoyle or Grotesque?

Gargoyle and Grotesque sculptures around the world

13 Eerie Photos of Gargoyles & Grotesques


Gargoyles Gargoyle 4/4
Gargoyles Gargoyle
Gargoyle Gargoyle
gargoyles Gargoyle on Haughley church, Suffolk
Gargoyle at Cologne Cathedral / Wasserspeier am Kölner Dom Gargoyle

Not gargoyles:

Gargoyle gargoyle • triumph
Gargoyle Gargoyle #2
Gargoyle Gargoyle
gargoyle Gargoyle
Gargoyles Gargoyles

As you were, then.

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12 replies

  1. So it’s only a gargoyle when it’s functionally a rainspout?
    Also, technically it’s ‘more pedantic’ 😛

  2. angharad, that is indeed the strict (right and proper) definition, yes. Some grotesques are chimeras, too. Others are just exaggerated people or animals but not hybrids of the two nor fictional creatures.

    😛 right back atcha.

  3. ‘ere, that black and white one isn’t a gargoyle (though if kitty decided to spit that might be different) and isn’t grotesque, either!
    Is there a word like Cutesques for kitties doing that? There should be.
    There is a cat sculpture on Westminster Abbey; it commemorates Biggles, who was an evil-tempered tabby who lived there in the 1980s or so.

    • I should have known you’d be the first one to comment on the furry not-a-gargoyle, Kitteh!
      I found some info on Biggles from a book published in 1997 called Cathedral Cats:

      Biggles, feline tyrant of Westminster Abbey, was born in a mining village and now hunts rats and other cats in the ancient cloisters. His daily promenade takes him right down the centre aisle of the Abbey, and he has been seen both asleep and sharpening his claws on the high altar. He hides in a dense Virginia creeper and surprises passers by, notably dogs and Japanese tourists. He was issued with an official warning by the Westminster police after he mauled a constable’s trousers. Such is the stuff of Cathedral Cats.

  4. Are there no ‘men peeing’ gargoyles? Surely there must be one somewhere. I mean there are fountains…

    • I’m yet to see a picture of one, angharad – but I agree that surely there must be one somewhere.
      Now I really want to see one!

  5. LOL I have a reputation to keep up, tigtog!
    I’m glad you found that reference to Biggles online. I’ve got the Cathedral Cats book (and the College Cats one), which is where I learned about Biggles. I was trying to find a pic of his grotesque online, but no luck yet.
    There are some interesting gargoyles at St Andrew’s in Skipton, Vic. In the Phryne Fisher book Blood and Circuses, they’re described as fanged and feral sheep, but the only reference to ‘em I could find online said they’re meant to be kangaroos. 😛 I thought they looked more like skinny sheep, from the one not-detailed photo I’ve found.
    @angharad – there are BOUND to be “men peeing” gargoyles. I found this one (rude!) that’s in Freiburg, Germany, earlier.
    Mind you I’d rather see it than all those dire fountains with sculptures of little boys piddling.
    And to show she reads my mind and is getting into the spirit of things, here’s Mads, photographed while I was typing this.

  6. I like the word pedanticer. But as a noun, not an intensified adjective. Pronounced ped-ant-ee-see-ay. A person employed to ensure everything is precisely as it should be.

  7. Orlando – I like it.
    A pedancier could go pedancing along, which is even more precise than someone mincing along.

  8. But then it would be pedanticier.

    My preference would be to spell it pedanticker.
    A pedanticker spews out lots of paper tape when you make a mistake.

  9. Well if it was a job description, you would be on probation for twenty minutes instead of three months. If you haven’t corrected or modified the statement of duties in that time, you don’t get the job.

  10. I’m a bit late to the party here, but the US National Cathedral, built in 1909-1990, got some interesting results in 20th century grotesques. Darth Vader is probably the most popular.

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