Signal Boost: Assist A Sista

In 2012, Nicolle and Manuela started Assist a Sista, which assists families fleeing domestic violence. The organisation facilitates donations of furniture, food, toys, clothing, school supplies, toiletries and so forth to families exiting shelters. Instead of leaving a shelter to be met with bare government housing, thanks to Assist a Sista, families can be met with completely fitted out and comfortable homes. Assist a Sista also puts together emergency care packs and supplies as well as providing items on people’s wish lists. They’re currently working with people emerging from shelters in South East Queensland and the north of NSW, but the goal is to expand across Australia.

This is community supporting people with love to take a lot of the stressors out of building a new life, giving people comfort and support needed rather than a host of new household and financial worries. To find out how you can help, whether by donation of cash or goods, or to learn more, consult the Assist a Sista website. They are also in urgent need of corporate sponsors.

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