Congratulations to Australia’s Southern Stars

Our Southern Stars women’s cricket team won their third straight World T20 title on Sunday, beating England by six wickets in the final.

A group of jubilant sportswomen in the Australian national colours of green and gold pose for a photo with a championship trophy

The Southern Stars Australian Women’s Cricket Team accepting their World Twenty 20 trophy

h/t to the mate on Faceborg who announced it as follows “Australian women win World T20 final! Thought I’d tell you because you’ll have trouble finding it in tomorrow’s paper.”

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  1. Congrats. I keep meaning to go and see a Southern Stars match, but there’s always some clash. (Usually something kid related and thoroughly unimportant, like being due to give birth, pffft.)
    Anyone up for a Sydney Hoyden outing to the cricket some time?

  2. For a team that keep winning they get remarkably little airtime.

  3. I’d be up to a Hoyden outing to see the Southern Stars. Great idea!

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