Quote Of The Day: Think Of All The Supervillains

Think of all the supervillains who did not eat kittens during those 4 minutes (probably).

I love the Bad Chart Thursday posts on Skepchick, which mock various exercises in unjustifed extrapolation from datasets compromised by unacknowledged confounding factors or otherwise lacking rigor. This quote comes from the latest BCT post from Melanie Mallon, examining yet another scolding from economists about the costings of things the peons spend time doing when they shcould be adding value to a corporate bottom line:

Tuesday’s daily chart over at The Economist demonstrates the horrible price we pay globally by collectively watching “Gangnam Style” more than 2 billion times on YouTube.

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  1. Thanks TT. I now have really fabulous (or not so fabulous …) mental images.
    Of course, the supervillains probably could combine eating kittens with watching Gangnam Style, or they wouldn’t be very super …
    I do love a good takedown of bad data analysis!

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