King Lear and Family Dramas

I have a piece up at The Conversation on how King Lear is a great primer in common dysfunctional emotional/behavioural patterns between an ageing parent and adult children. It’s a seasonal special!

King Lear and Family Gatherings

Old man white robes pats the cheek of smiling young woman, middle aged man looks on.

The Slings & Arrows production of King Lear: Lear cultivates an unhealthily obsessive attachment to a grown child who should be free to cultivate other relationships.

There are plot summary cartoons that are informative and amusing in equal measure to be found at Peace, Good Tickle-Brain.

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  1. I’ve been background-cogitating on this since you posted it, and it strikes me that I’ve known several families where one child was very much the favourite and how corrosive that has been for sibling affection and family harmony. Reading this article about Donald Trump and his brother has only underlined how much worse that all can be when there are substantial inheritances involved.

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