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  • Poor Journalism nearly causes Road incident

    Yesterday, as I learned while driving along Burke Road listening to PM, Lara Giddings had just replaced David Bartlett as Tasmanian premier, and DID A JOURNALIST IN THE PRESS CONFERENCE JUST ASK THIS QUESTION? OH YES SHE BLOODY WELL DID…. Read More ›

  • A 1950s Alternative Universe

    on Saturday night I found myself watching a late-night 1950s black and white movie – something I haven’t done much of since the demise of Bill Collins and Ivan Hutchinson’s shows. Oh, how I used to love those old black and white movies (cue massive eyeroll from the kids). Some of the interest lies in a mixture of plot points which appear to have been written while dropping acid combined with gender and class expectations which are all too real.

  • Friday Hoyden: Ari Up

    Dead at 48. Ageing rockers and younger fans are mourning Ari Up, or Arianne Forster as she was known to her mum and dad. Forty-eight. Cancer, what a miserable bastard you are. I was lucky enough to be around for… Read More ›

  • Bitch PhD closes down

    I saw some sad news when I clicked on one of my favourite blogs yesterday. Bitch, PhD is closing down.

    The signs were there. Posts from my favourite BPhD writers have been thin on the ground this year. This has been one of my go-to group blogs since 2004, and has been one of the feminist blogs which has helped me work out my own feminism.

  • From the Fine to the Ridiculous

    No, I’m not dead, and no, the Grog’s Gamut fiasco hasn’t made me give up blogging about the patriarchy and the rest of the kyriarchy in favour of talking about shoes. Life has thrown more work at me lately than… Read More ›

  • A poor dude cleaning with a mop / puts all Heaven in a strop

    I rarely read the AGE Sunday magazine these days, and the last time I dipped into it it, it exceeded all expectations for Terrible.

  • I’m a feminist blogger and I don’t want my husband to help with the housework

    No, I don’t! Really. I don’t.

    [Image source:]

  • Are you a sex addict, or merely a dirty slut?

    As a “sex addict”, you can obviously get away with a lot more than some girl who is merely a slutty slut, and enhance your fame and reputation as a wild playboy at the same time. And if you’re a popular male comedian checking into rehab for your Sex Addiction, then you are suffering from a Condition and deserve sympathy, unlike the disgusting hoydens who are destroying Western civilisation with their wanton behaviour.

  • Essentialism damages, even kills

    Is this becoming a pattern in Australian heterosexual behaviour, and criminal sentencing? 1. A dysfunctional couple have a child. The dad just decides he’ll opt out of the child care role. 2. The mum is such an abominable carer that… Read More ›

  • Belated Friday Hoyden: Ada Lovelace

    A big hat tip, or a doff rather, with a big Victorian-era hat – something tall and full of mercury— to Nabs, who has sent me a link to the most wonderful thing on the entire Internets.

    No, not the guy who can catch a laptop in his buttocks, although that is definitely up there. I mean the Lovelace and Babbage graphic novel / blog.