Bitch PhD closes down

Bitch, PhD header image. Two little girls, possibly from the seventies, are looking into the camera. One laughing, one flipping the bird.

I will so miss that header image.

I saw some sad news when I clicked on one of my favourite blogs yesterday. Bitch, PhD is closing down.

The signs were there. Posts from my favourite BPhD writers have been thin on the ground this year. This has been one of my go-to group blogs since 2004, and has been one of the feminist blogs which has helped me work out my own feminism.

It’s not too clear how long it will be up – the wording of that post suggests it’ll be pulled altogether – so go and read their archives, and enjoy that fabulous header image, while you can.

Here’s my favourite BPhD post. I’ve linked to it before for Blog for Choice day. It’s the best response I’ve ever seen to the nonsense that with “abortion on demand”, women will be “demanding” abortions on a mere whim. It’s especially relevant in Australia at the moment. Not that it addresses the specific case of Leach/Brennan, but you can bet that attempts to undermine womens’ reproductive choice will continue.


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  1. I can’t believe how attached I get to some blogs, this is one I will really mourn.

  2. I am so sad about this – this, along with I Blame the Patriarchy, was one of the very first feminist blogs I started reading. I had been wondering for a while too.
    My two fave posts ever:
    I love the manifesto so much, I told my future sister in law and my cousin (also engaged) to read it when I was having the dreaded ‘oh I think I’ll just change my name’ conversation.
    I want to know where else they are all blogging, though!!! Anyone got any idea?

  3. I plan to email BPhD in a few months time and ask politely! If she answers I’ll put a link up.

  4. Silvana/M. Leblanc, who is the only poster I read there much, says she’s been offered a spot at Tiger Beatdown, but it seems likely she’ll be on a long hiatus first.

  5. It’s nice to see Tiger Beatdown flourishing the way it has.

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