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  • BushCospeak = Doublespeak

    Salman Rushdie succinctly skewers deceptive abuse of language: BEYOND any shadow of a doubt, the ugliest phrase to enter the English language last year was “extraordinary rendition”. To those of us who love words, this phrase’s brutalisation of meaning is… Read More ›

  • Round up of the Carnivals

    I’ve recently discovered the blog carnival phenomenon. For an afficionado of procrastination such as myself, heaven! The carnivals I’ve chosen to showcase in this post will probably peg me* for the curious better than my blogroll ever could, as I… Read More ›

  • Seagullsicle! Pelican-bonbon! Albatross!

    Coming soon to Harrods of Knightsbridge, get your bleedin’ seabird-flavoured memories of the People’s Princess and her doomed lover! ALBATROSS!! Di, Dodi and a huge honking bird. Mohammed al-Fayed is one hell of a tasteful dude. Hat tip to Limbic… Read More ›

  • We knew it was bad for you, see!?!

    A sample of the headlines: Abortion increases stress: study Abortion increases mental health risk: study Abortion raises depression risk, say NZ researchers Abortion study backs pro-life debate Don’t you just love the way the MSM so baldly states its beat-up… Read More ›

  • You might well think that…

    FX: beat – all together now: …but I couldn’t possibly comment! Yes! My family got me the complete Francis Urqhart trilogy on DVD for Xmas, also the Firth-Ehle Pride and Prejudice mini-series, and the 1st season of Black Books. Hugs… Read More ›

  • Is Vorkosigan as nasty as I love Lucy?

    In a fascinating thread over at Pandagon riffing off a post by Twisty, the comments thread drifted away from Lucy to other fictinal characters, and of course we eventually ended up in SF (as all righteous geeks must regularly do),… Read More ›

  • Growing Up

    My boychild just went off to his Year 6 Farewell Formal i.e. the boys wear a collared smart casual shirt (this is Oztraya after all), and the girls wear heels, makeup, buy a new dress and have their hair done… Read More ›

  • OK, on a serious blog-meme jag

    You Are Creepy Serial killers would run away from you in a flash. How Scary Are You? True English NerdYou scored 86 erudition! Not only do you know your subjects from your objects and your definite from your indefinite articles,… Read More ›

  • Support the EFFAMIN Now!

    That’s the Elf Freedom Foundation Against Monstrously Infantilising Names. Please, we desperately need your help. Can you live with yourself if poor enslaved elves at the North Pole have to go through a freakishly long life with names such as… Read More ›

  • Shame

    I haven’t been able to marshal my thoughts especially coherently regarding the racially motivated riots in Cronulla. Without some beatup by the media and indiscriminate text message forwarding, this would have just been another gang-fight at Cronulla, not much different… Read More ›