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  • How to win friends and influence people

    Another day, another blogwar. Usually. This one’s a trainwreck. Threatened libel lawsuits, contacting doctoral advisors, attempts to “out” an anonymous blogger who has clearly stated she values her anonymity highly as a wall between her private and professional lives, and… Read More ›

  • PH3@r m3!!!!!1!!

    … and my L33T G@rD3n0r skillz!!!!11! Last night, I’ll have you know, I won Third Place (tied) in the Front Garden category of my local council’s annual Spring Garden Competition. Mwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!1! My neighbour across the road, who won first place… Read More ›

  • Two steps forward, three steps back

    In Dover, Pennsylvania, the school board elections ousted the Republican fundevangelicals who want intelligent design taught in high school science class. In Kansas, a different lot of fundevangelicals voted to change school science standards to include be more critical of… Read More ›

  • Forgive me, blogosphere…

    …it’s been two months since my last update. Went on holidays, had a birthday party to organise, got the flu, and had lots of weeding to do BECAUSE IT’S BEEN RAINING! CALLOO CALLAY etc etc Anyway, back to the irregular… Read More ›

  • Grass Tree Update: Cholorophyll Nil

    I got a call back from the DEC (Dept of Environment and Conservation) regarding the guy selling protected grass trees off the back of a truck. (2 posts down) Much to my surprise the guy is a legitimate licensed dealer,… Read More ›

  • Avast ye lubbers!

  • Chlorophyll 1: Eco-rapists 0 (I hope)

    I just dobbed this guy in to the police: Those are grass trees, a threatened species. They have an extremely limited range and the trunks only grow 1 cm per year. Some of the biggest trees on that truck must… Read More ›

  • Obligatory Satire Roundup

    Statutory Satire Disclaimer: if you are easily offended, satire probably just isn’t your thing. Don’t bother. Have some fluffy kittens instead. The image at the right is from Jon Stewart’s Daily Show, which I never see (being in Oz). However,… Read More ›

  • Nice Guys aren’t called Roota

    Sometimes I look back on a youthful memory and suddenly realise “now I understand what was going on then.” And although it was long ago, far away (were things so much better than they are today?) I have a belated… Read More ›

  • Stephen Fry is blogging!

    On huffpo : The Great Stink of 2005. ‘We will never alter this one ineluctable fact about ourselves however. We stink. My god how we hate to be reminded of it and my god how much that reluctance to face… Read More ›