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  • Shame

    I haven’t been able to marshal my thoughts especially coherently regarding the racially motivated riots in Cronulla. Without some beatup by the media and indiscriminate text message forwarding, this would have just been another gang-fight at Cronulla, not much different… Read More ›

  • Yesterday was really hot.

    39 degrees Celsius in the shade at 6pm hot. Bringing the kids home from school we had the great debate about personal cooling systems. Boychild thought a system of flexible piping wrapped around the body with cool water circulating would… Read More ›

  • Australia has broken ranks with the US

    …even if it’s only regarding the Kyoto Protocol rather than Iraq. Subeditors predictably give us: Aust leaves US in the cold at climate talks I’m astonished that our Prime Bootlicker has allowed our representatives to stop fawning over Karl Rove’s… Read More ›

  • Today is Blog against Racism Day

    This was Chris Clarke’s idea, inspired by some debate about racism on his blog and the death of American civil rights activist Rosa Parks. It is 50 years since Mrs Parks took a stand(or rather, refused to) on a bus… Read More ›

  • The political spectrum through red-state glasses

    There are some people who, despite possessing more than a little wit, are so focussed on the so-called left-right divide that they classify political blogs thusly: 2005 Bad Blog Awards Worst Right-wing BlogWorst Left-wing BlogWorst Center/Libertarian Blog WTF? There are… Read More ›

  • Intelligent? Really?

    Designing men and women by Adam Ferber at Fanatical Apathy. I think I’m one of many natural skeptics who came up with the idea of our universe as a long-forgotten school science experiment long before the Simpsons episode or reading… Read More ›

  • Generalising about generalisations

    Question from my lovely son: LS: What do people mean when they say you can never have enough of a good thing, and then someone else says yes you can?Me: [attempt to explain generalisations, and on the above use the… Read More ›

  • Pay no attention to that blatant outrage behind the curtain

    Look at this quibbling spin over here instead! Pay no attention to the fact that obstetric services in rural Oz are woefully inadequate, let’s quibble over how dangerous it would be for rural women to have easy access to RU486… Read More ›

  • Blog against Racism Day

    December 1st, 2005: the fiftieth anniversary of Rosa Parks’ action in Montgomery, Alabama. This was suggested by Chris Clarke, who I am fortunate enough to have been reading for years on USENet before he even started his blog. A while… Read More ›

  • Let me guess…

    …if Howard loses out on this bill (a joint Greens/Democrats initiative to lift the ideologically-imposed ban on RU486), it somehow magically won’t be as important a story in Bushco’s media as how Howard won on sending troops to Iraq.