Round up of the Carnivals

I’ve recently discovered the blog carnival phenomenon. For an afficionado of procrastination such as myself, heaven!

The carnivals I’ve chosen to showcase in this post will probably peg me* for the curious better than my blogroll ever could, as I deliberately chose to feature blogs there that I wade through as a necessary chore as well as those I find a regular delight, just to confuse the hastily judgmental.

Anyway, roll on the buffet!

The Carnival of Feminists #6 – race and gender

December Australian Speculative Fiction Carnival

Carnival of the Godless #31

Carnival of the Liberals #3

Carnival of Satire #15

Tangled Bank #44 – science blogging

Carnival of the Green – 8

Carnival of Bad History #4

The original bandwagon everyone’s jumping on:
Carnival of the Vanities

All the Blog Carnivals you can eat

*yup, leftist skeptic smartarse geek

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