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  • Whoydensday: DOC bingo

    I know, late again. It’s still Wednesday some places on the planet – leave me alone! After the pleasant discussion we had here last week on the possibility (firming to probability) of Paterson Joseph being the eleventh actor to pilot… Read More ›

  • Seventh Down Under Feminists Carnival is Up!

    The inimitable Queen of Thorns at Ideologically Impure has produced a dazzlingly sassy Down Under Feminists Carnival: “Miss QoT’s Guide To Keeping Sassy In A World Gone Mad” Check it out now! The next Down Under Feminists Carnival is in… Read More ›

  • Linkoree

    Eureka Street: The nun and the burqa, by Bronwyn Lay I wonder how a fully garbed nun, living a reclusive life of prayer and consenting to the authority of a male Pope/Bishop, would fare. I doubt the nun would be… Read More ›

  • Things annoying me today.

    Mindy, For Battler, parent and feminist 1. I’d like to think we’d gone beyond this, but obviously not. 2. Greg Bird’s lawyer, Gavin Orr, is claiming that he has done nothing wrong and that the Cronulla Sharks have no reason… Read More ›

  • Ticking all those boxes

    Via Feministing: Planned Parenthood in Indiana is offering a gift certificate service for the winter gifting festival: it is redeemable for the reproductive health services their clinics offer, and their hope is particularly that women on low incomes will be… Read More ›

  • LibrarianLazyWeb: Books of mythology from current dominant religions?

    I’ve been poking around looking for books of the basic Bible stories and of stories including the basics from the other current prevalent world religions, but (a) told in a form suitable and engaging for a primary school kid who… Read More ›

  • Etymology 101

    I’ll stop arguing with anti-feminists and other provocateurs who claim that the latest act labelled “misogynist” isn’t really that, because, you know, whoever did it doesn’t actually HATE women when they stop calling rich people “philanthropists” for giving money away,… Read More ›

  • Calling the hivemind: getting freebie stuff for your school

    One of my kids’ schools desperately needs new/better sound amplification equipment in their auditorium. What they currently have is not only inadequate even if it was working properly (need at least another pair of speakers to fill the space acoustically),… Read More ›

  • The Web isn’t like movies

    Clive Hamilton, “public intellectual”, has been banging on about how wrong wrongitty wrong anti-censorship advocates are. Clive has been stampily regurgitating the mantra of the censors: “I have heard no one argue that films, television, books and magazine should be… Read More ›

  • The Great Smiley Conjunction

    I’m sure there are better photographs of the Great Smiley Conjunction out there. But this is mine, taken mere moments ago; and that’s what makes it special.