Virtual travelling: bubbles!

From one young photographer’s project: Things that I like to do…with bubbles

All photos above originally uploaded by Honey Pie!

This reminded my of how much fun I used to have with bubbles when I was a kid and when my kids were younger. I remember when travelling on a ferry in Hong Kong many years ago watching a mother just hold a bubble wand up as we surged forward, and the glee from her kids as the bubbles went wafting away in the ferry’s wake. I remembered that when I was a mother myself, and we’ve chased bubbles across Sydney Harbour, around the zoo, at the beach and picnics, and at the ski resort.

My younger is thankfully still not too old for bubbles yet – this was taken only just over a year ago:

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3 replies

  1. You’re never too old for bubbles!
    *makes mental note to bring bubbles to next Hoyden meetup*

  2. Puts bubbles on shopping list. The kids always insist on holding the bottle and it always ends up all over the verandah. But at least it keeps them amused for a while, and I can sit on a chair and be lazy blowing bubbles.

  3. What fun pictures!
    One of my cats is fascinated by bubbles. He’ll sit and watch intently as they drift down, and swat the impertinent ones that come too close. I have a wonderful photo of him with a bubble framing his head. The other cat considers bubbles an affront to his dignity and retreats to the top of the refrigerator when we start blowing them.

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