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14 responses to “Nestlé moves from obfuscation to outright lies”

  1. Artemnesia

    I guess we’re not actually going to get any answers from them. Surprise surprise.

  2. meloukhia

    I was monumentally unimpressed by Scott’s response to the one question of mine he did answer, which was about violating WHO standards for formula marketing. He simply lied and said they didn’t, and then failed to answer the rest of my questions.

    I think what’s been very interesting about this debate is that when people like you have calmly presented facts and supporting information to back up those facts, the bloggers attending the conference have attended with “we’re being attacked!” I had no idea that discussing the ethical implications involved in accepting handouts from Nestle was an attack…and was amused to see them saying that people should “just ask Nestle for all the answers,” as though people hadn’t been trying to communicate with Nestle about corporate wrongdoing for over 30 years.

  3. Carol

    Obviously the definition of developing country is a country that Nestle’ doesn’t market to.

  4. tigtog

    Wow. Nestlé are such blatant liars.

    You only have to go to the email alert sign-up page and look at all the countries on the drop down list.

  5. TheFeministBreeder

    WOW! That’s some serious outright lying! Just gross.

  6. Mindy

    @ Carol – I read yesterday that that means Bangladesh and Burkina Faso, coincidentally the two poorest nations on earth.

  7. tigtog

    2008: Nestle recalls baby milk powder from SAfrica, Botswana, Zambia …

    Swiss food giant Nestle said Wednesday it had withdrawn 250 shipments of baby milk powder from South Africa, Botswana and Zambia due to defects in the mixture.

    The problem batch of Lactogen 1, produced in South Africa and sold in the three Southern African states, had been found to contain overly high amounts of zinc, copper and iron.

  8. Mike Brady
  9. Carol

    I was making a joke . Nestle says it doesn’t market in developing country therefore those countries aren’t developing. (As if we’d let a corporation define “developing country” to us. Like letting Polanski define ‘rape’.)

  10. Candace

    I took that to mean that Nestle US doesn’t…that they were answering only for Nestle US. Quite the dodge.

  11. moorspede
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  14. DeusExMacintosh

    Now we just have to monitor whether Nestle keeps to the assurance they gave the BBC that they wont start buying from the Dairy Board of Zimbabwe which will now be buying her milk.

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