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26 responses to “Toyota “Pounding” ad.”

  1. Stitch Sista

    Absolutely and utterly appalling. Even worse than I expected.

  2. DeusExMacintosh

    Wow. Tasteful.

  3. Kristian

    I thought the line;

    “I’ll have her back by eleven, I promise.”

    was actually;

    “I’ll have her on her back by eleven, I promise.”

    Just to make things worse.

  4. koipond

    Wha, wha, wha? See, I heard back at eleven too.

    That just turned that ad from disgustingly appauling to incredibly grotesque.

  5. Nacey

    You have got to be fucking kidding me. D: D:

  6. OuyangDan

    Oh holy hell, that is awful! Fucking no! That is just…wow.
    .-= OuyangDan´s last blog ..Monday Random Ten =-.

  7. Heather Freeman

    I kept having to scroll back up to verify that this was real and not some kind of parody. Because Oh. My. Gods. This surpasses fail.

  8. Jha

    Oh hale no =( That’s just fucking disgusting. Why are people so sick?

  9. Lynda Hopgood

    I’d like to know how many people along the way – from the ad people to the Toyota people to the actors to the television station people – said “wait a minute. That’s appallingly sexist and inappropriate!”

    And of those (if any), I wonder how many were women?

  10. Fine

    One of the most stupid things about it is that the Yaris is supposed to appeal to young women and that this appalling tvc is somehow supposed to get young women to buy the car! How stupid are these people? (Rhetorical question only)

    But the satisfying thing about it, is that there has been such an outcry that it’s been pulled.

  11. annaham

    I saw it this morning and am still boggling.

  12. koipond

    Thinking about it, one of the doubly disturbing bits here is how the father viscerally gets involved with the sex fantasy described. So much so that even the young dude gets a little shocked by the comments.

    Seriously WTF.

  13. Mindy

    @ Lauredhel

    The comments on that article are quite interesting, apart from the usual “no sense of humour” fail ones. Most can the ‘short film’, and someone even links to FF101.

  14. Buttons

    A comment on The Age website called it a piece of “witty” social commentary. How? On what planet?

  15. Kate

    I actually think this could have been a clever if it was an ad focusing on a woman taking her safety into her own hands to the bemusement/shock of her parents.

    There is just no respect from the date or dad in the version made.

  16. The Amazing Kim

    Boring. That is one dull ad.

  17. Linda Radfem

    These cutting edge creative dudes really do think they’re inventing something new every time they do this stuff.

    Yeah, the comments are surprisingly ok, although a little bit deuteronomous.

  18. Kirstente


  19. DeusExMacintosh

    Lovely quote Lauredhel (@13). No taste and no manners either.

  20. SunlessNick

    These cutting edge creative dudes really do think they’re inventing something new every time they do this stuff.

    And they think its daring.

  21. tigtog

    Good article giving a timeline over at Mumbrella: How Saatchi & Saatchi’s Toyota social media disaster unfolded

    Wearing my journo hat, it was instantly obvious that by picking it as their winner, Toyota had endorsed the content. The comments on Facebook and on YouTube probably amounted to a couple of dozen at that point, but they all made the same point – it was sexist and offensive. And because it was made by a production house, it looked like a well made ad, not user generated content.

    I started to write the story. And I called Toyota’s social media marketing boss Todd Connolly at home. When I put it to him that people were reacting against it, he was relaxed. He talked about how well made it was – which is true.

    A marketer rather than a PR man, he saw it as user generated content. We had a cheerful chat even after I flagged up that I thought this was going to be a big deal. I suggested he looked at the comments, which he hadn’t seen and I suspect nobody else had been monitoring either – certainly there were no moderator responses.

    I don’t think he realised that journalists and the public would not see it simply as user generated content once Toyota had selected it as its winner. Why would he? That relies on having the advice of a PR practitioner, who as far as I can see hadn’t been involved in that process.

    I posted the story. A few minutes later, the first blogger to link to the story, Philip O’Neill, memorably referred to it as “abuser generated content”. It was a phrase which was to go global.

    Within an hour or two the penny began to drop at Toyota. The video was taken down.

    However, even at that stage I don’t think that those behind it actually understood that it was causing genuine offence to the public.

  22. blue milk

    Blatant sexism and exploitation, cutting edge in advertising since.. forever.

  23. Grant Watson

    Oh God I so don’t want to own my Toyota Yaris any more.

  24. Helen

    Will never drive my Yaris through Paris with the warm wind in my hair…

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