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Lauredhel is an Australian woman and mother with a disability. She blogs about disability and accessibility, social and reproductive justice, gender, freedom from violence, the uses and misuses of language, medical science, otters, gardening, and cooking.

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  1. Meg Thornton
    Meg Thornton at |

    What’s even more annoying is the way the media is treating this. I heard about this story on the radio today (96FM, so it was the most cursory treatment of the story possible) and the version given was the most inflammatory one possible. The facts I’d gathered from that quick one-minute summary (plus outraged soundbite from the shadow AG) were that this woman had killed someone, and that she had a tattoo which she now wanted to have removed. No mention of an abusive spouse, no mention of domestic violence at all – just the straightforward “evil killer, tattooed slut, social parasite” narratives in their most blunt and uncompromising forms.

    Fortunately this was Australian commercial media, so discovering I’ve only been told the bare minimum of the story, slanted in the most conservative fashion possible, and aimed at creating the greatest amount of controversy (thus ratings, thus advertising revenue) in the shortest possible amount of time. Actual factual content is usually minimal, and it’s best to remember all the content is strongly slanted in the direction the media owners prefer[1].

    What’s even more annoying is that the national broadcaster (the ABC) tends to supply news which is much more slanted toward folks on the east coast of the country – the majority of the ABC news headlines I see online are for New South Wales. This means if you don’t live in either NSW, Qld or Victoria, you’re not likely to see much about your state in the latest news. Presumably we’d see something if one of the other states imploded, or if the secessionists here in WA decided to get to work with a hacksaw along the SA/NT border, but otherwise… well, we just don’t count.

    [1] Note for non-Aussies – the Australian media ownership pool is remarkably small indeed, since the majority of the commercial media in this country are owned by two major families (the Packers and the Murdochs… yes, those Murdochs) and the rest are basically hanging in there purely because there’s a few government policies which encourage “diversity” in the media. The more reliable news providers are the two government-funded broadcasters – the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and the Special Broadcasting Service (ABC and SBS, respectively).

  2. fuckpoliteness
    fuckpoliteness at |

    Thanks for this post Lauredhel. People’s callousness amazes me at times, and then you know, I hear someone do the ‘Chopper’ thing of ‘Harden the f*!k up’ and I get really angry: that’s NOT what this world needs, it’s plenty hardened already. :(

  3. Kate217
    Kate217 at |

    I wish I were in a financial position to just send the freaking $2000. It’s a small enough price to pay to let this poor woman know that compassion actually does exist. I’m horrified that she was convicted of murder in the first place.

    Was her abuser convicted (or even tried)?

  4. Mindy
    Mindy at |

    *headdesk* What’s wrong with having a tatoo removed that was forcibly put there in the first place? And what Kate217 said.

  5. Boganette
    Boganette at |

    Yeah I’m with Kate217 too. I can’t believe she was convicted in the first place. And I can’t believe these [ableist language redacted] don’t realise WHY it’s so important that the tattoo be removed.

  6. Donna
    Donna at |

    Any way to donate towards the $2000?

  7. Anji
    Anji at |

    The way this has been reported is just horrifying. That poor, poor woman. Thank you Lauredhel for presenting the story from this side, the true and terrible side.

  8. Kathmandu
    Kathmandu at |

    So, does anyone know what happened to MH, the abusive husband? Was he tried or convicted of plotting murder in the first, of conspiracy, of forcing someone else to wield the gun? How about convictions for the abuse?

  9. Liam
    Liam at |

    Kathmandu, as far as I can tell MH the husband was sentenced to 6 years in 2000 for a) one count of assault on JMN and b) one count of assault on MW. That’s from a sentencing appeals decision which is here. (PDF, likely to be triggering).
    I’m not a lawyer or legal researcher, though, so there may be much more out there I’ve missed.

  10. jose jones
    jose jones at |

    I am pretty uninformed — I don’t live in WA anymore — but I was under the impression that John Quigley was a pretty much a good person. Guess he’s like the rest of them: chasing cheap popular sentiment points, to hell with any principles you had before.

    None of those articles really go into the idea that she was pressured (to put it mildly) to commit the murder. How on earth was it a murder, not a mnaslughter, or something else??

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