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11 responses to “Soapmaking Photo Walkthrough, Part One: The Setup”

  1. Helen

    whoa! This shit is heavy duty. I will look at new-agey people with soap stalls at the market with more respect in future!

    “Front door open for emergency services” is pretty hard core.

  2. tigtog

    Wow. I knew you took very special care with your soapmaking setup, but I hadn’t really thought through exactly how much goes into that very special care.

    I bet that, in a possibly counter-intuitive way, having to pay such close attention to what you’re doing with this is actually quite mentally restful, because for a nice while you don’t have any attention to spare for any of that background worry-talk we all get stuck with.

    I used to get that out of my heavy gardening, which I haven’t been doing for the last few years. I should get back into it.

  3. Liam

    Awesome. I love looking at other people’s work setups.
    That first photograph of the oil melting looks delicious and reminds me of my first job as a fifteen year-old in front of a fast food deep fryer full of chips. (I know everyone else is thinking it too).

    If the oil gets very hot, it takes forever to cool down. For.Ev.Er. I know this. From experience

    And mine, but regularly changing the cooking oil is what underpaid junior staff are for.

  4. Mindy

    Gah, at my place if it wasn’t a child it would be a cat getting covered in lye, or just plain oil which would be pain in the bum enough. I think my position is firmly on the sidelines admiring soap makers and purchasing their products rather than trying it myself. A little like glass blowing – very pretty, very dangerous and best left to the experts. Lovely walk through though. Looking forward to parts 2,3 and 4.

  5. lauredhel

    Those would be some expensive chips, Liam – there’s around fifty dollars worth of mango and cocoa butter in that pot, and that’s not even counting the liquid oils.

  6. Helen

    Pretty weird tasting chips, too!

  7. blue milk

    Wow! Huuuuge amount of work, and even though you warned us I was a little disappointed to see that you weren’t kidding about the workload involved. This is a little different to that bread recipe of yours. I am far too lazy for soap-making, it is settled.

    Also, I enjoyed my little ‘shout out’ on behalf of fellow croc-haters.

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